WSS customised error page reporting ""user-defined.my_exception:" string
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WSS customised error page reporting ""user-defined.my_exception:" string


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


WSS integrated with Management Center for administration purposes

Error pages have been customised to handle certain different exceptions

Using the same error page that we have on our virtual appliance on WSS, but when error condition triggered through WSS users see the following string within the error page:

             "user-defined.my_exception: "

This condition only seems to affect HTTP sites


Management center administration of WSS

Customised error pages per category

Impacted all access methods


Request was being blocked at TCP layer before the appropriate custom error conditions were handled. 


Add following condition to proxy layer so that request was passed from TCP to upper HTTPS layer for processing

client.protocol=tcp tunneled=yes ALLOW

Additional Information

Policy trace confirmed that the error was triggered at the TCP layer and not the proxy layer we had applied the custom error to.


connection: client.address= (NAT address= (effective address= proxy.port=443
  location-id=0 access_type=client_connector
time: 2021-03-08 17:35:00 UTC
TUNNEL tcp://
  RDNS lookup was restricted
user: name="UTD\" realm=cloud_realm group-bitset=000000000000000000000000000 goi-version=41
user: name="UTD\" realm=cloud_realm
authentication start 1 elapsed 0 ms
authorization start 1 elapsed 0 ms
authentication status='none' authorization status='none'
te_user address='41F334F32A0' te_session address='41F334F3020'
user: authenticated=true authorized=true relative username='renata.kurosu'
EXCEPTION(user-defined.wss_exception): Either 'deny' or 'exception' was matched in policy
  url.category: [email protected];Social [email protected] Coat
    total categorization time: 0
    static categorization time: 0