Per Period Metrics entering data only part of the value is saved
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Per Period Metrics entering data only part of the value is saved


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When entering Per Period Metrics (Time Scale Value (TSV)), sometimes it only saves part (or none) of the value you enter (Example, type 11, and it will display 1). This happens if using your mouse to click into a cell versus tabbing. This is reproducible in multiple Per Period Metrics modules including Staffing and Assignments.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. In the Modern User Experience (UX), create a new project and add at least one team member to the project
  2. Create a new task and assign the resource to the task
  3. Go to the Assignments module
  4. In View Options, set the following:
    • Select Per-Period Metrics = ETCs
    • Periods = Months
    • Start Period = 2021-04
    • Finish Period = 2022-04
  5. Using your mouse, click in the first per period metrics ETC field and enter 11.
  6. Continue to use your mouse, clicking into each per period metric period entering ‘11’, then mouse click into the next field

Expected Results: Values for all ETCs display all digits entered (11 for each cell in this example). 

Actual Results: In some instances, no value is saved, while in others, only one value is stored in the field (so the cell displays as “1” instead of “11). 


Release : 15.9.2, 15.9.3




Workaround: Tab instead of mouse click when entering data. 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0 

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