Renaming of CA Bundl VSAM files
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Renaming of CA Bundl VSAM files


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We have been directed to change the HLQ for all files on an LPAR. This would include multiple CA Bundl environments and the Bundl VSAM data files associated to them. 

Is there anything internally in CA Bundl that would rely on the MVS dataset name? Or can all of the associated CA Bundl VSAM data files be renamed without consequence?


Release : 5.0

Component : CA Bundl


- Regarding the names of the various CA Bundl VSAM files, no, CA Bundl does not store anything internally that knows the names of these data files. So yes, the VSAM file names can be changed without consequence.


If you change the names of these VSAM data files (Recommendation is to allocate NEW file DSN's then IDCAMS REPRO old file to new file), don't forget to update BNDPARMA member in the CA LSERV.CNTL library so that CA LSERV recognizes the new names. 

- And as an FYI... Regarding the names (HLQ) of the CA Bundl ARCHIVE files/reports, yes, CA Bundle does know the archive DSN's internally, and stores this information in it's VSAM AIF file.