Is CC2DPLD required to be in Netspy concatenation?
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Is CC2DPLD required to be in Netspy concatenation?


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NetSpy Network Performance


Does the CC2DPLD have to be in NETSPY's concatenation?  What's the impact if not available?   

We had to reinstall the Netspy 12.0 environment.
In the old environment, CC2DLOAD contains hundreds of modules. In the new environment we only have a few.

Is something missing? 

We are running Netmaster 12.2 and accessing Netspy from option SP of the main menu.
The 12.2 CC2DPLD has most of the modules now missing from CC2DLOAD.
Do we need this for Netspy?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA NetSpy Network Performance


The new CC2DLOAD contains  @HC01, @HC02, @HC03.

The original 12.0 install included both Netmaster and Netspy. Almost all modules in the CC2DLOAD were for Netmaster.
Since Netmaster 12.0 is unsupported, the CC2DLOAD now includes only the modules reuqired for Netspy to perform health checks.

The 12.2 CC2DPLD is for Netmaster only, the 12.0 CC2DLOAD is for Netspy only, so the new CC2DLOAD content is correct and will allow Netspy to function correctly.