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Availability report device links show url as narra03-f597


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CA Spectrum


We are generating a report for a couple of devices.  Jasper generates the report properly.  However, if we click on one of the devices in the pdf report, we receive an error that the host is not reachable. The url it is using has a in the address. We can't see where this is configured in the report manager.  How can we change this?


Not running the spectrumConfig installer


Release : 10.4


Redeploy Jasper and run the spectrumConfig installer:

1. Log into the OneClick web pages as an ADMIN user

2. Click on the Administration link

3. Click on the Report Manager link

4. Click on the Jasper Integration link

5. Click on the Re-deploy button

6. After the re-deploy has finished, re-run the Jasper integration by doing the following:

    a. Click on the blue Integration Components link and download the spectrumConfigInstaller.jar file

    b. Copy the spectrumConfigInstaller.jar file to the <CABI Directory>/java/bin directory on the Jasper system

   c. If on Windows:

       i.   Log into the Jasper system as a user with Administration privileges
       ii.  Navigate to Start->Run: cmd
       iii. cd to the <CABI Directory>/java/bin directory and enter the following command:

java -jar spectrumConfigInstaller.jar -install

    d. If on Linux:

        i.  Log into or su to the root user on the Jasper system 
        ii. cd to the <CABI Directory>/java/bin directory and enter the following command:

./java -jar spectrumConfigInstaller.jar -install

7.  Either reboot the Jasper system or restart the CABI tomcat server.