Negative values display as "(" instead of a negative number
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Negative values display as "(" instead of a negative number


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In the Modern User Experience (MUX), negative numbers are not seen / the value is not visible. When the value is negative, it sometimes displays as '(' and not the negative number. This issue happens in areas including:

  • Financials module such as the Cost Variance field (in Financial Plans, it displays the correct number)
  • Custom Sub Sub Objects views
  • Custom Investment cost plans

Steps to Reproduce for Cost Variance:

  1. Create a new project Blueprint and add the Financials module to the Blueprint
  2. In the Modern UX, create a new project (open for time entry and financially enabled)
  3. Assign the project to the new Blueprint
  4. Add a resource to the project team
  5. Create a new task and assign the resource to the task
  6. Go to the Timesheets module, and submit time for the resource for the task in step 6
  7. Approve the Timesheet, wait 5 minutes then run the Post Timesheets job
  8. Run the Post Transactions to Financial job then run the Post to WIP job
  9. Go to the Financials module of the project
  10. Create a new Cost Plan
  11. Click on the link to the Cost Plan
  12. Populate from Assignments
  13. From the View Options drop down select the following:
    • Per-Period Metrics: Cost, Cost Variance, and Actual Cost
    • Periods: Months
    • Start Period and End Period: Leave as the defaults
  14. In the Per Period Metrics period that actuals were submitted for, update the Cost so that it is less than the Actual Cost
  15. View the Cost Variance amount for the period

Expected Results: Value displayed for Cost Variance is in parenthesis (500) to reflect a negative value

Actual Results: The number is not displayed, just the first part of the parenthesis “(“

Steps to reproduce for a custom sub object:

  1. Click on a project
  2. Click on a sub object module
  3. Click on a sub object instance from the grid
  4. Click the Details Flyout
  5. Click on the Sub Sub object module
  6. Add a number or money field to the grid view
  7. Populate the field with a negative value

See screen shot below. On the right hand side you can see the negative value has changed to a '('


Release : 15.9.2



Caused by DE61020


This issue is fixed in 15.9.2 patch 1 and 15.9.3


For Projects

Use the Financial Plans module instead of the Financials module until this issue is resolved. 

For the Sub Sub object Grid

  1. Click the Expand button on the grid. 

      2. This will generate a popup window that displays the value correctly:

For Custom Investments

The one option would be to export the data to CSV where the data shows correctly:

  1. Click on the 3 dot icon (Options) on left hand side of Cost Plan
  2. Click Export to CSV