Add Unix Account via CLI
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Add Unix Account via CLI


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


PAM Admin wants to know how to add a Unix Account via our CLI that is managed by another user?


Release : 3.3.x and 3.4.x

Component : Privileged Access Manager


Ultimately you have to use the following set of commands:

  1. Get the "Use the following account to change password" target id first:
    • capam_command capam=pamservername adminUserID=super adminPassword=password cmdName=listTargetAccounts TargetAccount.userName=username TargetServer.hostName=servername
      • Here you will need the value of (example:) <>1091</>
  2. Than here is the command to on board this:
    • capam_command adminUserID=super adminPassword=password capam=pamserver cmdName=addTargetAccount "TargetServer.hostName=targethostname" " SSH App" "TargetAccount.userName=username" "TargetAccount.password=password" "Attribute.protocol=SSH2_PASSWORD_AUTH" "Attribute.passwordChangeMethod=IS_ROOT_ACCOUNT" "Attribute.useOtherAccountToChangePassword=true" "Attribute.otherAccount=1091" "TargetAccount.privileged=true" "TargetAccount.synchronize=true" "Attribute.verifyThroughOtherAccount=true"

Additional Information


  1. If you are also onboarding user's with special characters in their password -> you must find a linux system with the "base64" command and convert it and use as depicted in the following: