Web Isolation On-premises EOL FAQ
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Web Isolation On-premises EOL FAQ


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Web Isolation


As of January 1, 2024, all versions of the on-premises Web Isolation solution have reached end of life (EOL). To provide the best remote browser isolation experience to our customers, Broadcom is focusing exclusively on the cloud (SaaS) Web Isolation product. 
The remote browser isolation is better delivered in a SaaS model due to the scalability and tight coupling of CI/CD that are necessary for a performative and agile solution. SaaS offers:

  • Faster deployments
  • Superior support
  • Lower administrative overhead
  • Reduced cost
  • And many other advantages

Broadcom's goal is to offer the best security and data exfiltration protection for the web in the market.

If you have specific requirements or challenges associated with moving to cloud, please reach out. We'll see what it takes to bring you on this journey with us.


On-premises Web Isolation


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Why is the on-premises solution no longer supported?

Remote browser isolation poses unique challenges when delivered as an on-premise product. Fundamentally browser isolation requires a container attached to each active tab on end-user browsers which requires massive scale and constant monitoring. As we have developed our cloud platform, it has become clear that the best way to offer browser isolation is as a service for our customers. 

In cloud, we can utilize cloud scale and tooling, integrated CI/CD, serverless computing and many other advantages that we cannot offer in a server based deployment model. A cloud service is simply a better fit for our customers as it offers an easier path to value, simplified deployment and management, and a more robust solution. 

As an on-premises user, what are my options?

We are offering customers the option to transition from on-premises to cloud for free. Cloud offers the same general feature set as on-premises. If there are missing requirements, we would be happy to discuss what is needed and close the gaps. 

Can I still use my on-premises license?

Yes. Active licenses are still valid, but Broadcom will not provide further software releases to address any issues. You can update your deployment to the latest on-premises release to verify it it resolves your issue.

Can I still use third-party proxies to forward to the cloud platform? 

Yes. While Broadcom is building better connection methods into Edge SWG (ProxySG) and adding IPSec, WSS Agent, and other connectivity methods, we will continue to support proxy chaining and proxy.pac files.