Enabling debug logging in SAM
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Enabling debug logging in SAM


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This article discusses how to enable additional debug logging in CA SAM. 

Under most circumstances, if the SAM install's config.ini has "use_syslog" setting set to "true" one can view SAM/ASP logging by going into the Windows Event Logs and accessing the Application Logs. 

This is an example of such a log entry:

Additional logging can be obtained by following the instructions in this KB article.


Release : 4.5



- Locate the config.ini, in the "C:\Program Files\CA\Sam\app\includes\prod\st" directory and back up this file to another location on the same server.  (assumes SAM is installed in "C:\Program Files\CA\Sam" and the application tag is "prod").

- Edit the config.ini and change the line for "dump_error_log" to read as:

dump_error_log = "C:\\samlog\\out.dat"

- Additionally, change the line for "debug_log_level" to read as: 

debug_log_level = info

- Save the config.ini file.

- Create a directory called "samlog" on the root of the C Drive.  Creating the out.dat file can be omitted as the logging will create this file as needed.

Note:  the C:\samlog directory is arbitrary.  You may use a directory of your choosing, provided that there is sufficient permission for the SYSTEM user to have full access.

- Log out of SAM and recycle IIS.

- Log back into SAM and test the issue. 

An "out.dat" file should be written to C:\samlog, which will contain additional logging for the problem being seen.