Flyout does not refresh if switching a saved view when it's still open
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Flyout does not refresh if switching a saved view when it's still open


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


The flyout does not refresh after edit and switching the views if you do not close and reopen it.


Note: This also happens on the Task list not only on Projects

  1. Log in to the Modern User Experience (UX)
  2. Open the Project List
  3. Save two identical copies of the Standard View, i.e. Test 1 and Test 2
  4. Select View Test 1
  5. Select a project and open the Project Flyout
  6. Click Configure
  7. Do any of the changes below
    • Scenario 1:
      1. Add the large text fields Description and Objective, Exit
      2. Close the Flyout and now open it again, note the fields were added correctly
      3. Click Configure and resize one of the fields, drag it down to expand to the end of the screen
      4. Release the mouse, note it's there.
      5. Hit Exit, but do not close the Flyout
      6. Note the Objective field is now expanded to the bottom of the Flyout
    • Scenario 2: Add a field to the Flyout such as Finish
  8. Switch the view on top to Test 2 (flyout is still open)
  9. When prompted whether to save, say Save Changes

Expected Results: The Flyout should reload to open the Test 2 View with no Objective / Description field

Actual Results: The Flyout does not reload and we have the Test 1 flyout still open


Release : 15.9.2



This is DE60983


Fixed in 15.9.3 and as part of DE60862 (see: Flyout configuration doesn't change when view selection is changed for more details)

Workaround: Close the Flyout before switching the Views.

Additional Information

See also: MUX Views / Flyouts - master KB of known issues