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Data for ALIAS to Catalog XREF object missing when using the Windows Client


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


I cannot generate the ALIAS of the catalogs on object "ALIAS to Catalog XREF" when using the Windows Client.  No data is appearing for this object.


In order to get the data for the object, the 'Execute' or 'Refresh' button of the Windows Client needs to be clicked. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Normally, the Vantage Windows Client has the option 'z/OS View Execution' set to 'Manual'.  What this means is, when you open an object you will have to click the 'Execute' or 'Refresh' button to pull in data from the host, which will then make it viewable in the object.  This parameter 'z/OS View Execution' can also be set to 'Automatic', such that when you click on an object in the object tree it will automatically populate the object with data - no extra mouse clicks will be needed to get the host data.  You can find this option in the Windows Client by going to the main 'Tools' drop down box at the top of the main Client view, then selecting 'Options', then the 'Host Defaults' page view within this wizard, and in this view you'll find the parameter 'z/OS View Execution' which can be set to either 'Manual' or 'Automatic'.