Migrating to Datacom/AD Version 15.x from version 12 or earlier
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Migrating to Datacom/AD Version 15.x from version 12 or earlier


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When upgrading Datacom/AD from an older version - Version 12.0 or earlier - to the current Version 15.x, you will need to install Datacom/AD as if it were a new installation instead of performing an in-place Active Upgrade. This means you will also need to migrate the application databases for CA 11, Scheduler, Jobtrac, and others from that prior version MUF to the newly installed MUF.

Normally, you would run a single job called AXPOR01 or AXPOR02 that requires both old and new MUFs to be active at the same time. However, there may be times when it is not possible to have both MUFs running together, and therefore you would need separate jobs to run against the old MUF and the new MUF at different times.

This article provides sample jobs to accomplish this migration in two separate processes, and should work for the following databases:

  • 100 APCDDS  
  • 161 JOBTRAC  
  • 162 JOBTRAC  
  • 601 CA 11
  • 602 CA 11      
  • 615 IMSTOOLS
  • 650 DISK     


Release : 15.0

Release : 15.1

Component : Datacom/AD


Attached to this Knowledge Base article are two JCL files - AXPOR01A.txt and AXPOR01B.txt that split the functionality of the AXPOR01 or AXPOR02 jobs into individual jobs that run against only the prior version MUF (called the Source MUF) and against the new version MUF (called the Target MUF).

The key to success for these jobs is the ability for the two files created in AXPOR01A - a CXX Backup and a Datadictionary BTG transaction file - to be created on the Source MUF LPAR and then to be present on the Target MUF LPAR. This means the jobs can be run across different operating system versions or LPARs on different dates without worry.

  • Job AXPOR01A is designed to run on the SOURCE MUF to create the BTG transactions and a CXX Backup file.
  • Job AXPOR01B is designed to run on the TARGET MUF to implement the database from the BTG transaction file and CXX Backup file.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.


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