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Siteminder agent could not set encryption context during initialization


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


Customer reports SiteMinder agent is not working.

Web agent logs shows agent started but with repeated error:

[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26] SiteMinder APACHE 2.2 WebAgent, Version 12.52 QMR01, Update HF-08, Label 2504.
[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26] FileVersion: 12.52.0108.2504.

[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26] policyserver='policyserver,44441,44442,44443'.
[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26] requesttimeout='60'.
[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26] ***** End Configuration *********************************************
[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26]
[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26][LLAWPLogQ.cpp:661][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00590] LLAWP: Logging initialized.
[2264/2713495296][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26][LLAWPLogQ.cpp:676][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00630] LLAWP: Tracing initialized.
[2264/2617243392][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:26][LLAWPMsgBus.cpp:419][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00660] LLAWP: Message bus initialized.
[2497/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:31][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:5246][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00510] LLA: Logging initialized.

[2500/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:32][CSmAdminManager.cpp:987][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00930] ADMIN: Could not set encryption context during initialization.
[2500/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:32][CSmHighLevelAgent.cpp:122][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00400] HLA: Failed to initialize 'Administration Manager'.
[2500/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:32][SmPlugin.cpp:103][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00180] Agent Framework plug-in 'SM_WAF_HTTP_PLUGIN' shutdown.
[2499/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:34][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:5246][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00510] LLA: Logging initialized.
[2499/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:34][SmPlugin.cpp:66][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00170] Agent Framework plug-in 'SM_WAF_HTTP_PLUGIN' initialized.  Description 'SiteMinder Agent HTTP Plug-in'.
[2499/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:34][CSmAdminManager.cpp:987][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00930] ADMIN: Could not set encryption context during initialization.
[2499/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:34][CSmHighLevelAgent.cpp:122][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00400] HLA: Failed to initialize 'Administration Manager'.
[2499/324937696][Tue May 18 2021 10:03:34][SmPlugin.cpp:103][INFO][sm-AgentFramework-00180] Agent Framework plug-in 'SM_WAF_HTTP_PLUGIN' shutdown.



Normally, when agent starts, the first thing it does is contact policy server, retrieving keys.

In this case it did not happen.

That is an indication something could be wrong on the policy server side.


Release : 12.52



Customer's LDAP store was not running properly. Hence policy server was not even running.

Or policy server process is UP, but not actually functioning. Smps.log and smtracedefault.log will show the error.

This explains why agent can not get keys from policy server in the first place.

Once LDAP policy store issue was solved, recycled everything, then it worked again.