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Client Automation - Patch not visible on an Offline CIC after being imported


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


In order to import the patch there are few simple steps to follow:

1.- Copy the required files from the online CIC:

2.- Set the import folder on Patch Management (same as above):

3.- Proceed with the Import procedure:

After this is done, the patch can't be found on Patch Management:


Client Automation - All supported releases


After the import has been done, CIC has to be executed, which can be done by 2 way:

1.- Run the "Default Software Content Download" job at least once (regardless if the Domain manager has access to the internet or not).

2.- Manually execute "Run.bat" under ..CA\SC\CIC\bin:

After this, the baseline will be loaded and the imported patch will appear: