Cleared Alert History row limits
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Cleared Alert History row limits


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


When filtering a time range to view history of cleared alerts, is there a way to display more than 5000 events? 

I need the last three months, which goes over 5000 entries


Release : 4.2

Component : SOI ONE CLICK UI


This value is controlled by a setting in the SAMStore database in SQL.

Default is 5000

To check the value, log into SQL using the management studio or another access tool of your choice:

select * from SAMStore.dbo.AdminConfiguration  where ConfType like 'AlertHistorySetting';


To modify this value:

update SAMStore.dbo.AdminConfiguration set ConfValue=10000 where ConfType='AlertHistorySetting' and ConfKey='MaxCount';


select * from SAMStore.dbo.AdminConfiguration where ConfType like 'AlertHistorySetting';


Recycle the SOI console to see the changes.


Additional Information

Please increase the limit slowly and assess the impact on performance.

Also consider that the more records you are keeping, the longer startup time for the SOI manager will be.