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SMG Alert indicating bmserver crashed with signal 11


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Messaging Gateway


  • Alert messages are sent from Messaging Gateway (SMG) indicating that the Brightmail Engine / bmserver process has crashed with a signal 11.
  • Brightmail Engine logs show issues intializing one or more critical modules
2021-03-19T19:24:23-03:00 (ERROR:64070.554813184): [52051] Intsig library: error return from bmi_ruledir_decrypt_file.
2021-03-19T19:24:23-03:00 (ERROR:64070.554813184): [52051] Intsig library: error return from loadRuleset.
2021-03-19T19:24:23-03:00 (ERROR:64070.554813184): [52002] Intsig: initialization failed.
2021-03-19T19:24:23-03:00 (ERROR:64070.554813184): [27258] init_modules: error while calling init function for critical module libintsig.  Restarting engine.


This issue is under investigation but may be related to issues reading from or writing to the virtual machines underlying storage infrastructure.


Release : 10.7.4

Component : Brightmail Engine, Alerts


This issue is currently under investigation and there currently is no product resolution.

Please review your VM infrastructure logs for any issues with the storage subsystem.