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ACF2/zVM - Step to regenerate CPLOAD Module with ACF2 hooks in place.


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ACF2 for zVM


After IBM zVM maintenance application, CPLOAD Module needs to be regenerated with ACF2 hooks in place. 


Release : 12.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/VM


Rebuild the CPLOAD MODULE with the ACF2 intercepts for new IBM z/VM maintenance.

The following steps are the minimum ones to complete if all you need to do is build CP: 
M9C0I002: Specify Maintenance Minidisks 
M9C0I005: Specify CP Installation Option 
M9C0I006: Modify CP CNTRL File 
M9C0I010: Copy Files to Test System Disks 
M9C0I013: Specify Service Machine Minidisk Links 
M9C0I015: Create/Edit ACFCP CAXALOAD File 
M9C0I017: Edit CA ACF2 for VM $PPF File 
M9C0I032: Perform MAINT Tasks (i.e. generate CP) Task 
M9C0I006  is what tailors the CP CNTRL file so that it includes the lines you need to pick up 
                  the correct text files for your release of CP (i.e. TXACF640 in this case). 
                  However, you need to do all the steps in order instead of just jumping to M9C0I006.



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