XCOMM1467E OMVS Error: EDC8103I Operation now in progress. (errno2=0x74940000)
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XCOMM1467E OMVS Error: EDC8103I Operation now in progress. (errno2=0x74940000)


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


When using CA XCOM and doing a type=execute running a receive we get the following error

XCOMM1467E OMVS Error: EDC8103I Operation now in progress. (errno2=0x74940000)



Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


The error message XCOMM1467E  reported is not actually an error.  The ERRNO code is 0000 and the associated LE message is EDC8103I.

The XCOMM1467E error message is simply a wrapper for the LE message so that it can be entered into the XCOMLOG. 

The user should consult IBM documentation for an explanation of EDC8103I.  It basically indicates that there is a socket operation that has not yet been completed.

This has always existed internally in the LE.  However, when AT-TLS (Application Transparent Transport Layer Security) support was added, we now report it because it has greater significance for AT-TLS environments.

This is a new message to provide additional information about a condition encountered by the LE and will not be removed or suppressed because the ERRNO 1103 which follows is significant.


Additional Information

Later updates:
PTF LU02238 (GARBAGE IN MESSAGE XCOMM1516W WHEN USING DEPRECATED OPEN SSL) will help with preventing these messages.
Although the description says OPEN SSL, the fix will also help with such messages if SYSTEM SSL is being used or if SSL is not being used at all, because of common TCP/IP code in module XCOMCINT. 
PTFs LU02422 (AT-TLS CONNECTIONS MAY FAIL DUE TO TIMING ISSUES) and LU02423 (TYPE=EXECUTE NOT RETRYING AFTER ANY FMH-7 FROM PARTNER) subsequently released will also resolve any remaining message related problems in this area.