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Fortigate 60F and 1100e devices model as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Fortigate 60F and 1100e devices model as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum


As of Spectrum 10.4.3, these devices are not yet certified in Spectrum


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Discovery and Modeling


You can self certify these devices by doing the following:

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user

2. Find one of the Fortigate 60F models that is modeled using the GNSMPDev model type

3. Right mouse click on the model and select Utilities -> Device Certification from the menu

The Device Certification tool should automatically highlight the entry for the sysObjectID for this device.

4. Click on the Edit icon

5. In the Model Type Name field:

    a. Click on the Browse button to the right of the field

    b. Find and select the FortinetFortiOS model type from the list and click on the OK button

6. Click on the Save icon

7. Destroy the GnSNMPDev model for the Fortigate 60F and remodel by ip. It should now model using the FortinetFortiOS model type

Repeat these steps for the Fortigate 1100e device.

You will only need to perform these steps in the Device Certification tool once for each sysObjectID.

You will need to destroy and remodel any GnSNMPDev models currently in the database to pick up on using the new model type.

Additional Information

Please reference "Self Certification" section of the documentation for more information.