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Permit Operators to view only Specific Devices discovered from vmware probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We use vmware probe to monitor virtual devices. We would like specific UIM users to view specific devices discovered from the same vmware probe. Because, as these devices are discovered by the same vmware probe, they have the same origin. Is there a way to achieve our requirement?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - VMWARE


You could use the following procedure:


STEP 1) From Operator Console -> Settings -> Account Admin:

i) Click on create new ACL:

Provide a suitable name to the ACL, and provide the following permissions:

OC Basic - Access to UnifiedServiceManager portlet

List Viewer - View lists and groups

ii) Click Accounts to create new Accounts:

Create separate Accounts based on your requirement and add users in the Accounts respectively.

Provide a suitable Account Name, assign the correct Ownership (origin), for example, I have created two Groups for Windows and Linux users:

iii) Now, create respective users, assign password, email, and other details from the newly created groups, for example, I have created user by username testuser1 in Account named Group_for_windows:

STEP 2) From Operator Console -> Groups:

(i) Create New Group

(ii) Provide appropriate Group Name, correct Account (which we just created earlier)

(iii) Use the right logic to discover the correct devices:

(iv) Similarly create new Group according to your requirement, in this example, I have created a Windows Group


(v) Use the right logic to discover the correct devices:

STEP 3) Testing:

(i) Login with the user created

(ii) The user will have basic operator console access and can view only the devices to the Account associated with the Group. For example, I have logged in with username testuser1:

You would now need to guide the respective users to view the Group created to see the end devices by logging into Operator Console (Path: Login to the Operator Console -> Groups -> Click on the newly created Group)


The above should meet your requirement.