PeopleSoft Manager Node settings controlling connection retry in case of network issues
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PeopleSoft Manager Node settings controlling connection retry in case of network issues


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When there is network or server slow/hiccup, some of the job run twice in process scheduler, which suppose to run once only, and the same job appear in $U console either No Success, or Submission Error, or Success.

a ) Why job has been triggering twice in Process Scheduler when there is server/network issue? 

b) How can we prevent the job not to run more than once in process scheduler? Which means when server/network issue, only one job is trigger from $U?

c) Refer to $U node setting above, can help to explain “Maximum number of attempts to connect to the peoplesoft database”? (Will this be the cause of trigger more than one from $U)?



Release : 6.x



Parameters details

The two parameters i.e. Delay between 2 connection retries (seconds) and Maximum number of attempts to connect to the PeopleSoft database, ), determine what happens when the Manager is unable to connect to Peoplesoft database to retrieve a Jobs Status or to submit a job. If the Manager is unable to connect to the Database after n trials with an interval of y seconds between each, it will consider that job has aborted.

Polling cycle Maximum Waiting time between 2 polling's : this is parameter is based on the polling cycle of the Peoplesoft scheduler (this is an internal Peoplesoft parameter). Normally the  value of this parameter is 15 seconds. That is why the Parameter in DUAS is set to 35 sec (2x the Polling Cycle + 5 secs = 35 secs).

Please refer to document Manager for PeopleSoft Node Settings for more details.


  • In case of intermittent Network issue we recommend to increase the time between each trial to connect to PeopleSoft DB from 10 second (equates to 5 trial * 10 sec=50 seconds) to 60 seconds (equates to 5 trial * 60 sec=300 seconds/5min). It should give sufficient time for a intermittent network issue to restore. The re-polling in case of status of No-Success is as per design.
  • As currently polling i.e. 2 is an internal parameter if you are looking for this to be made configurable, please submit an Enhancement Request(Idea) on DU community. The ER are submitted and tracked via community and not at Technical Support as the feature is not available and currently working as per design.
  • For any kind of persisting problem with the Peoplesoft Manager, to ensure any further troubleshooting, traces of an occurrence with level "0,PSOFT" (Main Log Level) should be collected and sent to Broadcom support. 

Additional Information

  • PeopleSoft Version compatibility & support
    • Currently the list of supported version are 8.53, 8.55 & 8.58. Please refer the DU Compatibility Matrix doc.
    • In case if you are using PeopleSoft version not listed in compatibility matrix, it does not imply that the Peoplesoft Manager will not work with not listed version. It only means that the PS manager has not been tested and qualified with not listed version of Peoplesoft. 
    • From Technical Support perspective, it implies that we can only provide a minimal assistance and we cannot go further than that. We cannot involve R&D in case of a technical problem.