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MSMQ Monitoring metrics


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We have a .NET console application which publishes messages to MSMQ . Upon instrumenting this console application,  we can see a node Messaging with Peeks per Interval and Send sub nodes. Please provide details what does this represent and what kind of metric/alert can be configured on them ? Please find the below screenshot for your reference.


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


Peek is a method of MSMQ as described here
The Send branch is related to invocations of the Send method.
So the metric is just reporting the number of times it is called. As with any metric you can choose to alert against it however what is considered to be acceptable values you would need to check with MicroSoft. 
General information on creating alerts can be found here

Additional Information

The method in instrumented in the dotnet.pbd directives file

IdentifyClassAs: System.Messaging.MessageQueue MessagingTracing
TraceOneMethodIfFlagged: MessagingTracing Peek BlamedPerIntervalCounterDifferentInstances "Messaging|Queue:Peeks Per Interval"