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How to add portfolio manager name in Notification


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There is a custom Gel Script that sends out notifications to the users. It internally uses a SQL Query to fetch details such a Project Manager. We would like to know how to determine which Project Managers are associated with which Portfolios, and also get Managers/Stakeholders of such Portfolios. Which tables are these information stored in?


Latest version tested against: 15.9.2


It is possible to get Portfolio Manager w.r.t a Project/Portfolio combination. The relevant tables are as below:
a. PFM_INVESTMENTS - where all the investments that a Portfolio contains are stored. MANAGER_ID column in this table provides the Investment Manager details
b. PFM_PORTFOLIOS - where all the Portfolio related information is stored. This table is the parent table for the table mentioned above
c. Portfolio has "Managers" and also "Stakeholders". Information regarding both these attributes are stored in ODF_MULTI_VALUED_LOOKUPS table. Filter for Object = "pfm_portfolio" in this table.