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Error while deploying Virtual service to registry Unable to write our catalog file


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Service Virtualization


I am migrating the devtest components from on-prem to cloud, and in the process I am automating the deployment process.

I am using Amazon AWS for the migration activity.

In order to retain the virtual services mar files after every AMI refresh of ec2-instances, I am mounting the directory vsedeploy to an EFS.

I am not able to deploy any of the virtual services to the particular server registry. I am attaching the error screenshot.



Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


   Based on the screenshot, it looks like .service file is not available at below location highlighted in screenshot.

Follow below steps:

*)   Stop VSE service.

*)   Rename complete folder under vseDeploy i.e VSE-cloud-test_2013 to VSE-cloud-test_2013_BAK.

*)  Now, start the VSE, this will create a folder VSE-cloud-test_2013 with .service file.

*)  Now copy mar files only from back up folder to VSE-cloud-test_2013_BAK to the newly created folder.