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Purge Financial Table and Delete Investments Jobs Do Not Remove Chargebacks Transactions


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise



Chargeback transactions are not removed from the application when 'Purge Financial Tables' job is executed, nor when the investment is deleted with the 'Delete Investments' job.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project (with project code 'PRJ001'), set up staff and tasks
  2. Financially enable the project, set up Chargebacks rules
  3. Financially enable at least one of the project staff members
  4. Generate a few transactions for the resource on this project, post them to WIP
  5. Note the 'transno' value from

    select transno from ppa_wip where project_code = 'PRJ001'

    (in this example let's say one of the transno returned is 1234567)

  6. Run Generate Invoices job, check Admin > Messages for any error, fix any error related to the project
  7. Approve the Chargeback Invoice
  8. Set the project Financial Status to Closed
  9. Run Purge Financial Tables job. Check ppa_wip table, the transactions referencing this project are now gone
  10. Query the CBK_GL_TXNS and CBK_GL_TXN_VALUES tables for 'transno' from step #5

    select * from cbk_gl_txns where transaction_id = 1234567

Expected Result: No row is returned, meaning there is no records pointing to the WIP transactions for the project

Actual Result: One or more row are returned indicating all records pointing to the WIP transactions for the project are still there





CLRT-68421 : Because a Chargeback transaction involves more than one project due to Debit and Credit Rules for Invoice and Recovery Statements, the transactions cannot be deleted as part of the standard purge routine, as this may have an undesired side effect of removing the data from the department being charged. Therefore, this has been classified as an enhancement idea where we are proposing to add a parameter to the 'Purge Financial Tables' job to also purge Chargeback transactions.



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus