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ACC : Configuration : Agent repointing to different Tenant does not report to the imported agent package


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We are testing repointing of agent deployed under a Tenant-A to Tenant-B.


1. Agent package is created in Tenant-A.

2. Package is downloaded and deployed on a server.

3. Agent start reporting to ACC of Tenant-A and Metrics are reporting to Tenant-A .

4. Agent package in Tenant-A is update with Tenant-B info. Cloud Proxy details along with Token.

5. This info is pushed to agent from Tenant-A. This modified agent package is exported from Tenant-A and imported into Tenant-B.

Now the agent is restarted.

Agent starts reporting metrics to Tenant-B.

Agent connects to ACC of Tenant-B,

The issue is agent does not link itself to the agent package which is imported from Tenant-A



Release : SAAS

Component :




Try creating by following below steps, on the test that you have demoed,  ESM Tenant and repoint to ESM DEV Tenant :

1) create IA packageA in tenantA
2) install agentX from packageA and start it
3) when agentX is visible in Acc tenantA stop agentX
4) export packageA from tenantA (exportPackageA)

5) import package exportPackageA to tenantB

6) in tenantB - ATC UI Security generate agent token agentTokenB
7) replace tokens in agentX (em-connection bundle (profile ) and acc-controller bundle (extensions))  to  agentTokenB
8) start agentX
9) check that agentX is visible in Acc tenantB