Change the background color in Spectrum OneClick GUI
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Change the background color in Spectrum OneClick GUI


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CA Spectrum


For some users it's difficult to read the blue link on the a blue background in alarm headers. Where do I change the background color setting?



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


It is not ideal to have 2 different shades of blue for text and background - ideally it should be black on white or white on black but for GUI design, this is not possible for every piece of screen real estate. I can imagine that for some people, it could be a problem.  However the these pieces of the alarm are headers with minimal information and the majority of the information should be in the body of the alarm, which is black on white.  


If you want to customize the OC gui color scheme, we will need to find the file that controls that specific piece of the GUI.  Colors are usually specified in style sheets or xml files with the majority found here:


To identify which to change, you can use an color picker application, there are many free 3rd party apps online - e.g. 

Use a printscreen of the colors you need to identify. The app tells us that this blue background is hex code #556879. Search within the aforementioned xml file and we find:

<!-- Background color for topology views -->

  <color id="default_topology_background_color">


Copy <$SPECROOT>\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\WEB-INF\common\config\common-color-config.xml

to <$SPECROOT>\custom\common\config\common-color-config.xml

and change background to whatever you want in these files.  e.g. I changed it to #777777 to look like this:

There are many 3rd party apps or website that will help you identify the hex codes of colors e.g.

Additional Information

Please remember that this is a customization and is not under the scope of support.  Always make a backup of any files before changing them.