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Adjusting column selections causes extreme slowness using group by in Staff grid


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Removing or adding columns when using group by in Staff grid causes slow performance (it can take up to 5 minutes for the page to display). Chrome shows a popup “Page Unresponsive” message while “Loading data…Please wait” displays in Clarity UI.


  1. In the Modern User Experience (UX), create a new project with about 100 team members
  2. Go to the Staff tab
  3. In View Options, set the following:
  • Select Per-Period Metrics of ETCs and Actuals
  • Periods = Months
  • Start Period = 2021-04
  • Finish Period = 2022-04
  • Total Columns = Grant Totals or Sum of Periods (happens with both)

     4. Select a Group by (Example: Resource)

     5. Click on the column panel and select (or unselect) a column

Expected Results: Page loads within a reasonable time

Actual Results: Page hangs and a popup window displays “Page Unresponsive” while “Loading data…Please wait” displays in the Clarity UI


Release : 15.9.2

Component : Modern UX Staff Grid


This is caused by DE60938 and happens when Group By is used with larger staffed projects. 


This is fixed in 15.9.2 patch 1 and 15.9.3 as DE60938 

Workaround: Wait for the results to return or Remove the Group by

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