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Bulk download of all versions of one file


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


If I have a file that is on version 10, is there a way to download versions 5 through 10 all at once, or do I have to download them one at a time and rename them as I go? I know you can download multiple versions, but that is if the have different filenames. What if it is the same item/filename, just different versions? It would be a nice to have if the files downloaded with either the version number in the name, or just (1) to denote copies of a file.


Release : 13.0



The difficulty is that all those versions are stored in the database under the same name. So, Harvest is designed to check them out one at a time.  Checking out multiple versions at the same time would only overlay one version of the file with the next one checked out.

What you could do is set up a batch script to loop through, use “hco” to check out each version and then rename the file to contain the version number.  Here’s a very quick example:

set _filename=README.TXT

for /l %%a in (5,1,10) do (
  echo %_filename%%%a
  hco %_filename% -b win2k12r2 -en SampleProject -st Development -vp "\SampleRepository\DOCS" -cp "C:\Temp" -br -vn %%a -replace all -op pc -usr harvest -pw harvest
  rename C:\Temp\%_filename% %_filename%%%a