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Generate List of Devices using Vendor Cert


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We are wondering if it's possible to generate a list of devices that are using a specific vendor certification. The reason being we want to evaluate the impact on modifying the order of a metric family.


All supported releases


To get this list you would need to utilize Vertica SQL but to get that query you first need the Internal Name of the Vendor Certification you are looking for.  To get that you need to visit the Vendor Certification page in the NetOps Portal.  Administration > Data Sources > Data Aggregator > Vendor Certifications.  You will then need to enable the viewing of the Internal Name column:


Then find the Vendor Certification you are looking for, I will be using the UCDavisCPUMib one in this example:

Now plug that Internal Name into the end of the below Vertica SQL query like so:

select distinct vif.item_id, i.item_name from dauser.item i JOIN dauser.poll_item pi ON pi.device_item_id=i.item_id JOIN dauser.v_item_facet vif ON vif.item_id=pi.item_id where vif.facet_qname = '{}UCDavisCPUMib';


This should populate the list you are looking for