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VML policy not generating incidents in cloud but working on prem


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service


  • You have a Cloud Detection Server (CDS) as well as on-prem servers.
  • You notice that your Vector Machine Learning (VML) profile has not replicated to the CDS, although the on premise detection servers have it



It is likely that the CDS was added to the Enforce whilst the VML profile was in training mode.


Release : 15.x

Component : CDS, Vector Machine Learning (VML) policy


  • Under current design it is not possible to have a VML policy replicate to a newly added CDS even if the VML has a prior version of the profile that is active on the on-prem servers
  • A documentation bug has been raised to alert customers of this in the Adding a Detection Server section.
  • Feature requests have been raised to allow a VML profile to be cancelled if it is in training mode.

Currently the only workaround is to completed the training for the VML profile