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Command to place all Service Desk Requests in a View Only or Read Only Mode


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Is there a configuration setting or a command that can be used to place Service Desk in a "View Only" state where Call Request tickets can only be viewed and not changed?  

Idea is to make the change on a large scale to prevent all roles from being able to modify Call Request tickets but remain able to view Call Request tickets.


Release : 17.2 and higher



There currently is no such command or configuration setting that could be performed to set all requests to be View Only or Read Only.

Best bet would be to use a SQL Script or a similar activity which updates table usp_functional_access_role and sets all access_level entries to "5002" where the func_access field is equal to 'call_mgr' and allows for "Modify" access.  

This is a rough idea of how one can achieve this using pdm_extract/pdm_load commands:

- Back up the original usp_functional_access_role table:

pdm_extract usp_functional_access_role > usp_functional_access_role-backup.dat

- Run this command to obtain all entries in the usp_functional_access_role table which have the func_access field set to 'call_mgr' and allows for Modify access.

pdm_extract -f "Select * from usp_functional_access_role where func_access = 'call_mgr' and access_level = '5003'" > usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify.dat

Note:  We are only pulling entries that have Modify access (access level value of 5003).  The other entries would have a access of "Read" or "None" which we wish to preserve; setting a value from "None" to "Read" would grant users in that role some measure of access to the Call_Req table, which may violate security requirements.

- Backup the usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify.dat (as usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify-backup.dat) then modify the usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify.dat extract file and change all entries for the access_level field, setting them all to a value of "5002" (which is the value for read-only in this table).  Simply doing a text search to replace all entries that read as "5003" for a value of "5002" should do the trick here.

- Save the modified usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify.dat extract file, then load the file back into the SDM Server, ie:

pdm_load -f usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify.dat

All users should have either read only access to call requests or no access to the same.  

To revert the change, run the same pdm_load command but on the usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify-backup.dat; this is the backup copy of the usp_functional_access_role-call-mgr-modify.dat that was created in the above process.

Additional Information

The above instructions are provided for informational purposes only.  Please test in a non-prod environment before attempting in production.  Please also ensure all appropriate backups are taken on the given installation before trying the above.