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How to manage Content Packs installed on others Bu's (not Service Provider)


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When installing a content pack at Service Provider level we have an Uninstall and Enable/Disable button that allow me to manage the content pack.

If I install the content pack in other Business Unit context (not the Service Provider), these buttons don’t exist.

How to uninstall the Content Pack?


Release : 17.x



Follow the below steps to Enable/Disable/Uninstall the respective content pack objects

1. Login to Catalog where you have imported the content packs
2. Go to Catalog Tab - Configuration - Content Packs
3. Click on 'Change Business Unit' button to change to the respective BU which needs the modifications accordingly

4. Click on Search button next to the import button to list the datasets configured for this BU
5. Select the Content Pack dataset to view the complete details of the one needs update

6. Next to the details you will see all the buttons i.e. Enable/Disable/Uninstall/Done etc.
7. Click on the respective buttons based on your requirement i.e. Enable/Disable/Uninstall/Done
8. This action will be performed and update the details on the current page