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Patches in Patch Management have status "Not Applicable" or "New"


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Patch Management has a number of different Status, Pending User Acceptance, Packaging, Testing, etc. To change a Patch from New or Not Applicable it has to run the Maintenance task to compare Patches to Discovered Software.

What do I do when a Target Machine has a valid OS to receive patches, but in the Patch Manager console the status is "Not Applicable" or "New" ?


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Patch Manager patches are evaluated during Maintenance task which is by default scheduled at 12.30am.

Changing the time of execution or clicking on the button "Run Now" allows the patches to appear in "Pending User Acceptance" status.

In order to solve the issue, do the following:

  • Open the UPM Console
  • Click on the Administration tab
  • In System Parameter, click on Services
  • Click on the 'Run Now' button under Maintenance or change the default time settings and wait for the execution

Verify if the status changes to "Pending User Acceptance".

Additional Information

Patch Manager R14.x allows you to Accept a Patch in any Status.