How to set the priority order on Jar Files.
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How to set the priority order on Jar Files.


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


CA Identity manager PolicyXpress is unable to invoke SOAP Web Service.  After some investigations, the problem was identified as a conflict with another 3rd Party binary.  The library (axis2-jaxws-1.7.4.jar) took priority over the regular axis library that IM uses to run Web Services from the IM. After removing the axis2 jar, SOAP Web Service request executed as expected from Policy Xpress.

Is there any way to keep the axis2 jar but direct IM to run SOAP with the regular axis jar?


Release : 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


There is no way to instruct priority/order. In general, Broadcom advises developers to ensure custom code is compatible with the core IM code rather than have the code jostle for priority.