How to identify Easytrieve Online programs
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How to identify Easytrieve Online programs


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Easytrieve Report Generator


Is there a way to know how many Easytrieve Online programs are running?


Easytrieve Online v1.4


There is no way to confirm when Easytrieve/Online programs are being executed. 
These are batch jobs that run, and then are gone, leaving no files as evidence 
that they executed.                                                        
Regarding program names, an Easytrieve/Online compile is done by  
executing PGM=PIESTRTH in the JCL.  After that, the application program  
would be link edited with whatever name the user chooses.  There is no    
Compile-and-Go with Easytrieve/Online.                                          
Please know that the runtime modules in Easytrieve/Online as well as CA Easytrieve Report Generator are named ETxxx.
If Easytrieve/Online application programs are used in CICS, there will be 
CICS Program and Transaction entries for Easytrieve/Online programs and Temp    
Storage. The table entries will then be defined and  the use counts.  Please see the Easytrieve/Online Install Guide for more detailed information.