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xFlow Performance Metrics


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Are there any performance metrics regarding xFlow?


Service Desk Manager 17.2 and 17.3

All Supported Operating Systems


A single Service Desk Manager (SDM) APP server can handle between 150-200 concurrent sessions.  This includes classic SDM UI users, xFlow users and Service Point users.

In internal tests, tested with 16,000 concurrent sessions (3000 - users L1 Analyst and 13000 - users Employee) over a 24 hour period.

There were over 1.2 million transactions processed during this time.

The xFlow and Service Point web modules handle a high number of sessions, in the thousands.

However, if a DB query takes a long time to execute, for example, it would have an impact on the xFlow response.

Ensure that the xFlow server meets the system requirements as documented at: