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Project Hierarchy's Financial Rollup Currency Conversion


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I have a parent project that is a currency type of GBP.  Child projects 1 is Euro the other child project 2 is GBP.

I can see in the project Hierarchy Financial Roll Up that the Euro values have been converted to GBP, what we cant work out is what exchange rate was used for this.




Release : 15.8.1, 15.9.1



With an Investment Hierarchy List View, there are limitations on how investments can be added as a 'Child' or 'Parent' investment. Only investments belonging to the same Entity or with no Entity association are shown on the 'Add Parent' or 'Add Child' pages. The reason for the limitation is that the Investment Hierarchy, Financial Roll-up list has to only allow investments within same Entity for one currency as our List Views and Hierarchical Grids are not Multi-Currency aware. It is up to the user, when selecting investments that do not belong to an Entity to be aware of the currency of the investment being added to the hierarchy. If an Investment Hierarchy includes a investments with different currencies, the end-user can create filters to manage the list for displaying aggregations that roll-up data for the same currency code. The list of hierarchy investments can also be exported to Excel for further manipulation by the end-user for converting and comparing monetary values.  

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