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Create new self-signed certificate for proxySG management console


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SG-VA ProxySG Software - SGOS


Need to create new self-signed certificate for ProxySG management console


Release :6.7.x and 7.x

Component : ProxySG/ASG Management console


Enable http console as backup by checking enable box and applying the change. You can disable it once you have logged in with certificate .

ProxySG > Configuration > Services > Management Services.

Check existing certificate.


To generate certificate – Go SSL > Keyring 

Next edit new keyring and under Certificate  click on Create 

You can recycle the same information from your old certificate or make changes as per requirements

Apply to generated a new certificate . 

Logout of HTTPs console and login to proxy with HTTP console

ProxySG > configuration > services > management services.

Edit HTTPs console setting and select the new Keyring. 


If you need to disable TSL 1.1