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Spectrum Device Certification doesn't store custom model type created per MTE


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CA Spectrum


I’ve created the ArubaOS_CX model type with the Model Type Editor. I used the ArubaOS as Base Model Type. After I assign the ArubaOS_CX model type to be used for specific system object IDs in the Device Certification tool, I get the confirmation the change was saved in the database (Successfully updated Device Identification values.), but it is not, because, if I click on the refresh icon (Reload content), the previous entry is visible.

If I discover a device by IP, the default model type is used (GnSNMPDev).

If I discover by model type pre-selecting ArubaOS_CX, I get a DIFFERENT TYPE MODEL alarm, but model type ArubaOS_CX is used.

Please check, why the Device Certification tool doesn't store the change of the ArubaOS_CX model type as the new model type to be used for the selected sysOIDs.

List of OIDs to certify for ArubaOS_CX: Auto GnSNMPDev Auto  Unregistered Simple Auto GnSNMPDev Auto  Unregistered Simple Auto GnSNMPDev Auto  Unregistered Simple Auto GnSNMPDev Auto  Unregistered Simple



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Disposable_Precedence of your custom modeltype needs to be higher than the Disposable_Precedence value on the default modeltype.  Out of the box, most Spectrum modeltypes have a Disposable_Precedence of 10.  Set your custom modeltype to 12 or 15.

This is evaluated during device model type discovery when multiple model types are identified as candidates. The higher value is the chosen model type.
This value is also evaluated when a model is created with the same MAC address as a previously existing model. In this case, the disposable_precedence attributes of both models are evaluated. The model with the higher value replaces the existing model by appropriating its CONNECTs associations.


The process is all through MTE and there is no need to use the device Certification utility.

add the model type ArubaOS_CX from based model type arubaOS and the root model.

Make it instantiable.

Change the  Disposable_Precedence attribute to 12.

change the sysOIDverify list attribute to add only the oids the new model type.

save and exit MTE.

That is all you need to do.  Any new device with the correct oid will be modeled as ArubaOX_CX.

FYI you do not need to do anything in the device cert tool in OC but you will not be able to see the new model type there until you restart tomcat.