Steps for robot installation for HPUX
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Steps for robot installation for HPUX


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What are the steps to install a single robot on HPUX?


Release : 20.3 or later

Component : UIM - ROBOT


Find the installers on the primary hub at following location:


.depot.gz file is located here and you can copy it to /opt directory on the system where you want to install.
IF you don't have the file in the location you can simply deploy the HPux robot package from your archive to your primary Hub then the file will be available at the location.

After that it is the same basic process as the .rpm file:

1.    Copy the .depot.gz to the /opt directory on the target system.

2.  Create the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file also in /opt
    Extract the .gz    file.
      /usr/contrib/bin/gunzip /opt/(filename).depot.gz

    Execute the following command to install the robot.

    /usr/sbin/swinstall –s /opt/(filename).depot \*

    cd /opt/nimsoft/install

This should complete the installation.  

To start the robot, use the following command.

/opt/nimsoft/bin/niminit start