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ODBC and PEC Install error on Linux ./INSTALL.SH: line 694: /bin/lslpp: not found


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister




The installation scripts for ODBC and PEC are not sufficient to correctly determine the installation environment if a directory /usr/lpp is present, the platform will be assumed to be AIX - which may not be correct.

When installing ODBC in such an environment the following error will be produced:


./INSTALL.SH: line 694: /bin/lslpp: not found
/tmp/CASCM/ODBC/odbc311_110106/AIX41/I18PRNTF: cannot execute [Exec format error]
/tmp/CASCM/ODBC/odbc311_110106/AIX41/I18PRNTF: cannot execute [Exec format error]



CA Harvest SCM, all components, Unix and Linux platforms


The INSTALL.SH contains the following sections which merely check for the existence of a particular directory (/usr/lpp) to determine if the system is AIX

 346         elif [ -a /usr/lpp ]
 347         then
 348                 MITARCH="AIX41"
1552         elif [ -a /usr/lpp ]
1553         then
1554                 #      IBM AIX
1555                 aixver=`uname -v | awk '{printf("%d", $1)}'`
1556                 aixrel=`uname -r | awk '{printf("%d", $1)}'`


If your computer contains a folder with this name, and the operating system is not AIX the error will occur.


To resolve the problem, edit the ODBC install script INSTALL.SH and change both occurrences of /usr/lpp to /usr/lppx (assuming there is no /usr/lppx directory or file on your system). The changes should be on lines 346 and 1552 as shown above.

Additional Information:

The same problem exists in the PEC install script and the /opt/CA/pec/bin/rtarch script - again in those scripts change the occurrences of /usr/lpp to a location that does not exist.

The intent here is to bypass setting the environment for AIX by changing the /usr/lpp lines to a non-existing directory.



Release: SCMNCR99000-12.5-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem