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Notification for Change Order Tasks and Requests / Incidents / Problems Tasks


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CA Service Desk Manager


A common requirement for business is to notify the task assignee when the task is in pending status and this tech doc details the steps Service Desk admin would follow to enable task notification.


Release : 17.1/17.2/17.3



please follow these steps to add task notification to task assignee

-open the change order category or request area where you have the workflow tasks defined
-click on "workflow" tab and then click on the task for which you want to notify the task assignee
-under tab "BEHAVIOR", click on the status that you want to notify assignee. most of time, it is the Pending status that you would like to notify assignee
-click on "TO DO" tab and then click on button "Update Actions on True"
-change Type to Multiple Notification and click on Search button
-use >> to move "Task notification" from Possible Actions to Actions on True and then click OK button
-click on "Task notification" that show in the Behavior Template detail
-click on "Update Object Contacts" under "OBJECT CONTACTS" tab
-click on Search button
-use >> to move "Workflow task assignee" from Object Contacts to Notification Recipients and click on OK button

These steps are specific task based meaning you would need to repeat the same for other tasks in the same category/area and repeat the same steps for other category/area. This means you would need to decide for which tasks you would need to notify the task assignee and perform these steps for those tasks.