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New Dynamic Alarm Title doesn't show up in SRM db


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The Dynamic Alarm Titles are missing in the reporting database.

We have started to use the "new" means of defining a dynamic alarm title from within the Event Configuration GUI. The display of the alarm title is good and it's very simple to set up.

But the dynamic alarm title is not being picked up in the srmdbapi views. Both alarm_title and pcause_title in v_dim_alarm_title have the variable IDs used to build the dynamic alarm title. For example: {S 102} {S 103} {S 105} {S 109} instead of the actual values of these IDs.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Reporting


In Spectrum 10.4.1 we enhanced to create dynamic alarm title by including the event variables in the alarm title.

But the SRM (Spectrum Report Manager) does not support the Dynamic Alarm Title generated by this enhancement in Spectrum 10.4.1 onwards.

If the Alarm attribute 0x12b4c (76620 in decimal) is populated with the Dynamic Alarm Title, then the SRM will process the dynamic alarm title properly.


An enhancement request under Rally # DE502535 to SRM support the new Dynamic Alarm Title introduced in Spectrum 10.4.1 onwards was submitted.

The ER was delivered in DX NetOps Spectrum 22.2.3 release:

Dynamic Alarm Title in Reporting Database

  • Dynamic alarm titles are now reflected in the Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) database, which ensures that they are also shown in the required reports.