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How to build a DLL file in CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0, that contains debug information in the Aion dll files and their respective calling components?


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Aion Business Rules Expert



Is there a way to build an application in CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0, which would contain debug information in the CA Aion DLL files and their respective calling components?


CA Aion applications can be debugged with the Visual Studio C/C++ debugger as follows.

  1. In the File menu select 'Settings' then click the 'Build' tab.

  2. Uncheck the Auto and Clean checkboxes, and check the 'Generate Source Files', 'Compile', and 'Link' checkboxes.

  3. In the Compiler Switches enter: /Zi

  4. In the Linker Switches enter: /DEBUG

  5. Click the OK button

  6. Build the application

  7. Start a command prompt window and locate the built application's .BIN directory.

  8. Search through the generated C or CPP file for the location where you want to debug. Then, add the following line:
    _asm int 3

  9. Rebuild with the following command:

  10. Run the program as follows:

  11. Windows will prompt if you want to debug the application. Select that you want to debug. Then, select the Visual Studio debugger.
    The steps are similar if you use the respawn command.
    respawn appname -res -gen -comp -link
    Then, do steps 8-12 above.

If respawn is being used, open the generated build.bat file in the .BIN directory and ensure the /Zi and /DEBUG options are specified for the compiler and linker.


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