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Brocade Trap Support missing in Spectrum for


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum is receiving traps from Brocade BR-VDX6940-01 devices but Spectrum is unable to interpret them and registers as an unknown trap. We have the Brocade MIBs loaded but we still have the same issue. The trap type is:


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


I have loaded the Brocade mibs that were supplied with this device but that trap is still unknown in Spectrum. 
It does not exist in the mibs, there is no reference to it in google or in Broadcom support internally, so it would seem to be incorrect trap. 

$ grep -r  .

$ grep -r  .
./Brocade/AlertMap:  0x043b0001,0)
./Brocade/AlertMap:  0x043b0002,0) \
./Brocade/AlertMap:  0x043b0003,0) \
./Brocade/AlertMap:                               ,0)
./Brocade/AlertMap:  0x043b0004,0) \
./Brocade/AlertMap:  0x043b0005,0) \
./Brocade/AlertMap:  0x043b0006,0)

$ grep -r  .
./Brocade/AlertMap: 0x0043b082,0)\


Please contact the vendor to report this unknown trap - perhaps the trap oid is incorrect or we do not have the mib it is configured in.

We could map it to an event manually if you wish but you will need to know what it does, so it is preferable to approach the vendor about this to get it resolved.