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Not able to find Windows 2019 in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 12.5.1


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After upgrade we are not able to find the option for windows 2019.


This can affect other platforms as well, for example Windows 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 etc.



Release : CCS 12.x with newer SCU

Component : Add Assets


There are some files that did not properly get udpated


Make sure that when you installed the newer SCU on the Application Server it was NOT done with the *_CSM_* only installer. 
If so please install the *_APSCCSM_*" package, to update the content on the AppServer side, along with installing any new Standards that might be needed.

If the correct package was installed then proceed to the following steps.

Some xml files failed to update.
If you have another install of CCS where you are seeing the platforms you can simply copy over the files. If you do not have access to these files, please contact support for assistance.

They are located in the following folder on the Application Server.

<InstallDir>\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Applications\Standards

The following are the list of files, one for each platform.

  • cisco.assettypedefaultvalues.xml
  • genericdevices.assettypedefaultvalues.xml
  • orc.assettypedefaultvalues.xml
  • sql.assettypedefaultvalues.xml
  • unx.assettypedefaultvalues.xml
  • vmware.assettypedefaultvalues.xml
  • wnt.assettypedefaultvalues.xml

The first part of the filename denotes the platform it is for, for example the wnt is for the Windows platform.

When copying the files over make sure to take backups of any files prior to overwriting them.