Syslogd restart behavior changes after PTF LU00347
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Syslogd restart behavior changes after PTF LU00347


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We're currently testing the latest OPS maintenance and noticed that after applying LU00347 the OPS syslogd server restart behavior changes. We normally start the USS syslogd server at IPL time via the /etc/rc file and the server runs in it's own address space called SYSLOGD. Prior to LU00347 when OPS starts it's own syslogd server (OPSSLGP) it modifies the syslogd conf file and just restarts the SYSLOGD address space maintaining the SYSLOGD name.

Now with LU00347, when OPS starts OPSSLGP it modifies the syslogd conf file and then actually shuts down the SYSLOGD address space and starts it again under the OPSSLGP name (OPSSLGP3) rather than just restarting the existing SYSLOGD address space.

If this the way it's now supposed to behave? We noticed this because our Sysview alert monitor started issuing an alert notifying us that the SYSLOGD address space is inactive. Further investigation revealed that OPS is restarting it using it's own name rather than SYSLOGD.



Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


PTF LU01075 was written to address this. If you read the problem description you will see that an new option was added the the Server ENVFILE to allow you to choose the method used to restart the Daemon when the OPS/MVS Syslog Server starts.  When using CA_OPS_SYSLOGD_CYCLE_TYPE=RECYCLE, the value specified on the CA_OPS_SYSLOG_CMDARGS parameter is ignored and the Daemon restarts using the same options used when you first start the Daemon. If you specify CA_OPS_SYSLOGD_CYCLE_TYPE=RESTART, which you are now experiencing after applying LU00347, the CA_OPS_SYSLOG_CMDARGS parameter specified the Daemon options.

A corresponding PTF for OPS 13.5 had not been published at the time this document was created.
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