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How do we analyze GLOBAL VARIABLES used when we see the OPS4290O message?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I know about the 4.8 global variable panels.

I am looking for a method of determining the number and size of variables being used by OPS/MVS rules and REXX routines. Is there a utility or other method of getting detail on the variable use statistics?



Release : 13.0 and above 

Component : OPS/MVS


You can run the Global Variable backup from OPSVIEW option 7.5 and interrogate the results to determine if you have old or no longer needed global variables.  OPSVIEW 4.8, shift right, and the OPSVALUE actions can also be used to determine usage - when last used and what program.   Then from this you can delete old or unneeded globals.  You should also check OPSVIEW option 2.6, RDF tables, to see if there are any tables that have unneeded data and or if the table is still needed.


OPSVALUE() function has several actions: I, J, K, L, T, and S that can give stats.