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Infrastructure agent Oracle DB extension metric resolution doesn't match property setting


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The Oracle extension running within Infrastructure agent appears to only report metrics very 30 seconds, though it has the default configuration parameter in - see screen shot below.  Am I correct to think this is only reporting a value for every other 15 second interval?  If so, is it possible to get value every 15 seconds as I think graph with this sort of saw tooth pattern will confuse.  


Release : 20.2

Component : APM Agents


The configuration parameter specifies the interval form the end of one database metric collection cycle and the start of the next. Thus if there is latency between the agent and the database or the DB queries take an extended time to execute then it is possible that the query will not take place during a particular interval. Even when the agent is local to the database this can occur as shown in the following screen shot


To ensure metrics are collected at least once per 15 second interval reduce the value of the setting of the property in the file for the oracle DB extension e.g.


However if there is higher latency then it may be that this does not ensure data is collected every 15s interval